Adrian Pantoja, Professor of Political Studies/Chicano Studies

Adrian Pantoja

Professor of Political Studies/Chicano Studies

With Pitzer Since: 2006
Field Group: Political Studies and Chicanx-Latinx Studies
Campus Address: Avery 214
Phone: 909.607.0485
Office Hours: Contact Professor

Educational Background

MA, PhD, Claremont Graduate University
BA, University of San Francisco

Dr. Adrian D. Pantoja is a Professor in Political Studies and Chicano Studies at Pitzer College.?Prior to his appointment at Pitzer College, Pantoja was a professor at Arizona State University and the University of Connecticut.?He received his Ph.D. in political science from the Claremont Graduate University in 2001.

His research has appeared in numerous books and academic journals including Political Research Quarterly, Political Behavior, Social Science Quarterly, American Behavioral Scientist, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Journal of Religion and Society, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies and Journal of International Migration.

Professor Pantoja also worked as a researcher for the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute and as a consultant to the National Association of Latino Elected Officials; the California League of Conservation Voters; the legal firm Garcia, Calderon, Ruiz; and the Universidad de San Carlos in Guatemala. He is currently a Senior Analyst with Latino Decisions, a political polling firm surveying and analyzing the Latino electorate. He has offered expert commentary on Latino politics to The New York Times, The Washington Times, The Christian Science Monitor, The Arizona Republic, La Opinion and other newspapers.

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications

2012. “From Coverage to Action: The Immigration Debate and Its Effect on Participation” Political Research Quarterly – Jennifer Merolla, Adrian Pantoja, Ivy Cargile, and Juana Mora,

2011. “Patriotism and Language Loyalties: Comparing Latino and Anglo Attitudes toward English Only Legislation” Ethnic and Racial Studies – Sarah A. Gershon and Adrian D. Pantoja

2010. “The Effects of Being a Born-Again Christian on Latino Socio-Political Attitudes” Journal of Religion and Society – Adrian D. Pantoja

2010. “Latinos in Arizona and the 2004 Presidential Election” – Manuel Avalos, Lisa Maga?a and Adrian D. Pantoja in Beyond the Barrio: Latinos and the 2004 Election (University of Notre Dame), edited by Rodolfo O. de la Garza, Louis DeSipio, and David Leal

2009. “In Pursuit of Inclusion: Citizenship Acquisition among Asian Immigrants” – Janelle Wong and Adrian D. Pantoja in Immigrant Political Incorporation in Europe and the US (Cornell University Press) edited by John Mollenkopf and Jennifer Hochschild

2008. Co-editor with Cecilia Menjivar and Lisa Magana, special issue of American Behavioral Scientist “The Spring Marches of 2006: Latinos, Immigration and Political Mobilization in the 21st Century”

2008. “Commentary on ‘Citizens by Choice, Voters, by Necessity: Long Term Patterns in Political Mobilization by Naturalized Latino Voters” Political Research Quarterly – Ricardo Ramirez, Adrian D. Pantoja and Gary M. Segura.

2008. “Politics y La Iglesia: Attitudes Toward the Role of Religion in Politics Among Mexican Catholics” – Adrian D. Pantoja, Matt Barreto and Richard Anderson. In Catholics and Politics (Georgetown University), edited by Kristin E. Hayer, Mark J. Rozell and Michael Genovese.

2007 “Puerto Rican Exceptionalism? A Comparative Analysis of Transnational Ties Among Puerto Rican, Mexican, Salvadoran and Dominican Migrants” – Louis DeSipio and Adrian D. Pantoja in Latino Politics: Identity, Mobilization and Representation (University of Virginia) edited by Rodolfo Espino, Kenneth J. Meier and David Leal

2007. “A Second Look: Is There a Latina/o Gender Gap?” Journal of Women, Politics & Policy – Lisa Garcia-Bedolla, Jessica Lavariega-Monforti, and Adrian D. Pantoja

2006 “Political Orientations and Naturalization Among Latino and Latina Immigrants” Social Science Quarterly (Winter) – Adrian D. Pantoja and Sarah Allen Gershon

2006. “Political Knowledge and Issue Voting Among the Latino Electorate” Political Research Quarterly (Summer) – Stephen Nicholson, Adrian D. Pantoja and Gary M. Segura

2006 “Against the Tide? Core American Values and Attitudes Toward U.S. Immigration Policy in the Mid-1990s” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (Spring)- Adrian D. Pantoja

2005. “Transnational Ties and Immigrant Political Incorporation: The Case of Dominicans in Washington Heights, New York” International Migration (Fall) – Adrian D. Pantoja

2004. “Beyond Black and White: General Support for Race Conscious Policies Among African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans and Whites” Political Research Quarterly (Winter) – Linda Lopez and Adrian D. Pantoja

2003 “Fear and Loathing in California: Contextual Threat and Political Sophistication Among Latino Voters” Political Behavior (Fall) – Adrian D. Pantoja and Gary M. Segura

2003. “Does Ethnicity Matter? Descriptive Representation in Legislatures and Political Alienation Among Latinos” Social Science Quarterly (Summer) -Adrian D. Pantoja and Gary M. Segura

2001. “Citizens by Choice, Voters by Necessity: Long Term Patterns in Political Mobilization by Naturalized Latinos” Political Research Quarterly (Fall) – Adrian D. Pantoja, Ricardo Ramirez and Gary M. Segura

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