Upcoming Events and Deadlines

Nov 9 | Trans Rights, Policy & Advocacy | 6pm | Zoom: Registration Required

Nov 11 | Acorn Gathering at Pomona College’s Organic Farm | 1pm | Registration Required

Nov 12 | Frybread Friday at Smith Campus Center | 4pm |

Nov 14 | Writing Legislation and Making Change for the Community | 5:30pm | Skandera Courtyard

Nov 17 | Kallick Community Service Award | Application Deadline

Nov 18 | Preparing for Civil Service in California | 5:30pm | Zoom: Registration Required

Dec 6 | Social Responsibility Thesis Award | Application Deadline

Dec 13 | Newman Civic Fellowship | Nomination Deadline

CEC Office Hours

Our staff will be meeting with students by appointment only. To set up an appointment please email cec_staff@pitzer.edu or email the person you wish to talk with directly.

+ Tricia Morgan | Director
+ Jackie Contreras | Community Engagement Office Manager
+Ari Wood | Hecker Fellow
+Elena Nourrie |Assistant Director for Native Initiatives

For general CEC questions you can also email us at cec_staff@pitzer.edu

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Community Engagement Center
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Direct Action @ PZ
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Twitter: DirectActionPZ

The People’s Pitzer
Insta: @thepeoplespitzer
Facebook: The People’s Pitzer

The Community Engagement Center at Pitzer College is dedicated to utilizing institutional power, partner collaboration, faculty expertise, and student action to advance social justice on our campus and in the surrounding community.

Weekly Community Engagement Tip

Did you know that you could get up to $100 in transportation reimbursement for community engagement related travel…. EACH SEMESTER? Whether you are doing community engagement for a class or on your own the CEC is here! Just complete our CEC Reimbursement Form today to start the process! (Don’t forget, if you are requesting reimbursement for mileage, you will need to also complete our student mileage form!

Partner Feature

Pomona Public Library Homework Club
Become a tutor with the Pomona Public Library Foundation at Homework Club! Homework Club provides free tutoring for K-8 students served by the Pomona Unified School District and the Pomona Public Library. Tutoring occurs at Pomona Public Library on Monday-Thursday afternoons from 3:30-6:00pm. This program is sponsored by The Pomona Public Library Foundation in cooperation with the Pomona Unified School District, the Pomona Public Library, and Tutorfly. Right now, Homework Club is in need of volunteer tutors to work with their students. There is no max number of volunteers so please reach out to ari_wood@pitzer.edu if you are interested or have any questions!

For more information about volunteer opportunities, please check out our Volunteer page! 

Weekly Staff Spotlight

Elena Seymana Nourrie (Hopi, Cherokee and Chicana) was born and raised on traditional Tongva territory. She has served in several professional roles in the local Native American community with emphasis in community engagement, education, and wellness. Elena has a deep personal commitment to decolonizing education and fostering a sense of belonging for Native American students. As part of her wellness routine, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her toddler and two dogs as well as beading and weight training. Her favorite part about being at Pitzer is working alongside the full CEC team where humor, authenticity, intentionality, and love for community drive daily actions. She has several favorite memories working at Pitzer — from her first day when the CEC team welcomed her with a PZ planter, beautiful cake, and full spread of lunch, to watching her dog Lani develop a love for Ari’s son BeanZ!, to meeting so many incredible students with a creative, critical lens and love for community.

In this area of engagement the CEC provides programmatic support to community partners who are addressing education equity issues in our community through tutoring, mentorship, and similar programs. This support will be provided through student recruitment campaigns, student engagement and technology support for community partners and student clubs  to facilitate remote programming.

The People's Pitzer

Civic engagement is a key component to advancing legislative policy and social change with our communities. By participating in activities like letter writing, voter drives, legislative campaigns, and community organizing students will learn how to connect local issues to broader state, federal, and global issues through practical experience and skill development.

Instagram | @thepeoplespitzer

Direct Action @Pitzer

There are actions you can take every day to be in support of our communities, from petitions and phone banking to legal support, training, and more. Here we provide resources, information, and guides to support direct actions, community organizing, and coalition building. 

Instagram | @directactionpz

The CEC supports faculty and students working with community partners on building a stronger, vibrant online presence. Whether it be through sharing social media campaigns, finding strategy for outreach or providing resources through course engagement, this form of involvement has been imperative to our community partners.

This pillar supports the research and grant writing needs of our community partners by leveraging the human and material resources of the colleges.