COVID-19 Expectations Video Transcript

Transcript of COVID-19 Expectations Video

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Welcome! Fall 2021

Campus COVID-19 Expectations

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What you need to know!

  • Our current health guidance from LA County & CDC
  • Health measures in place at Pitzer and the Claremont Colleges
  • What to do if you develop symptoms, are a close contact or are positive for COVID-19
  • Your role in keeping our community safe and “Being Mindful of Each Other

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Screenshot of Pitzer Pathway Forward webpage.

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Screenshot of Pitzer’s Community Agreement webpage.

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Health Guidance

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Health Guidance list continues

  • We follow guidance from federal to state to local to College-level decisions
  • Always wait to hear from Pitzer on any changes to how we will implement health guidance!

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Current Campus Expectations

Note: Guidance at the other Claremont Colleges may vary.

  • All of these are on the Pitzer Pathway Forward website under the “Community Agreement” section.
  • You agreed to abide by these expectations by coming to Pitzer this fall.

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Current campus expectations


  • Vaccination requirement, with limited exceptions
  • Unvaccinated students will require twice a week COVID-19 testing and daily Healthy Pitzer screening form submission and additional measures
  • Everyone will need to receive a flu vaccine this fall
  • Ongoing COVID Testing:
    • All students will engage in once a week COVID screening testing.

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Current Campus Expectations


  • We currently require masking indoors for ALL
  • You will wear a mask in class
  • You can take your mask off outdoors, in your room/suite, and to eat in the dining hall.
  • You need to wear a mask in any shared transportation (car/bus/etc.).

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Gatherings / Meetings / Events

  • More information on Student-Led Programs/Events can be found on the Campus Life website.
  • 4C (no HMC) social gatherings are allowed
  • Gatherings over 30 people outdoors need to be pre-registered and masked
  • Gatherings over 20 people indoors need to be pre-registered and masked.

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Residence Life Guest Policy

  • Students may invite fellow Claremont Colleges students into their residential rooms and suites, as long as all individuals stay masked while indoors.
  • No non-Claremont Colleges guests/visitors are allowed inside the residence halls after move in.

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COVID-19 Safety Recommendations

  • You may still choose to social distance, wear a mask outdoors, get COVID-19 testing if you are vaccinated, etc.
  • We ask all to not pre-judge or assume anyone’s vaccination status if someone decides to mask.

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COVID-19 Testing

  • Will be accessible through Student Health Services (SHS) & HMC/PO satellite locations
  • Testing days according to class year
    • First Years: Monday
    • Sophomores: Tuesday
    • Juniors: Wednesday
    • Seniors: Thursday
    • Students who may have missed their assigned weekly testing day: Fridays
    • Students with an approved exemption (unvaccinated): Tuesday and Friday
  • More info on Pathway site

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What to do if you develop symptoms or are diagnosed with COVID-19

  • Contact Student Health Services via phone
  • After-hours, use 7C Health for medical support and contact Campus Safety and as for Pitzer Dean On-Call
  • If you test positive for COVID-19 and live on campus, SHS will work with Student Affairs to begin the transition to isolation housing. More info on our website.

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Contact Tracing

  • We ask all students to be truthful with contact tracing efforts.
  • This process is about the health and safety of our community and not about what COVID guidelines were or were not followed by those involved.
  • Medical Amnesty will apply and students who comply with contact tracing efforts. This means students will not have punitive conduct sanctions for their actions.

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If you are identified as a “close contact” by Student Health Services Contract Tracing

  • A “close contact” is someone who has been within 6′ for 15 mins (or more) over a 24 hour period to someone who has COVID.
  • You will be contacted by a SHS contract tracer
  • If you are vaccinated, you are asked to get a COVID test 5-7 days after exposure, monitor your symptoms for 14 days, and continue masking in indoor settings.
  • If you are not fully vaccinated/unvaccinated, you will need to quarantine and be tested.

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Being “Mindful of Each Other”

  • Your role in keeping our community safe!
  • COVID-19 Concerns/Reporting:
  • Students are held accountable to the Community Agreement through our Student Code of Conduct process.

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Thank you for “Being Mindful of Each Other” and taking care of our community this year!

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For more information