Spring Closing of the Residence Halls

Spring 2022 – The Residence Halls will close at noon on Sunday, May 15, 2022.

*Future dates can be seen on the Four Year Planning Calendar.

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Checkout Procedures

In order to checkout of the residence halls properly, each student must:

  1. Pack, empty, and clean your room:?It should look as good as when you moved in.
  2. Carts are available for checkout from the Residence Life Office, C300, during our regular hours.
    **Carts can only be checked out for an hour at a time. Plan accordingly!**
  3. Mead Residents:?Return your room/suite keys to the Residence Life Office, E. Sanborn, C300, during business hours.? Be sure to PLACE IT IN AN ENVELOPE with your name and room number.

Any questions or issues? Stop by the Residence Life Office during our extended business hours to ask a ResLife Staff Member.


PARTIAL QUIET HOURS, Week before Finals: 7pm-9 am
24-hour quiet hours for Finals Week


Resident Assistants will be hosting a closing meeting for their residents on various days and times. If you are unable to attend the meeting your specific RA is hosting, you are strongly encouraged to attend a meeting being hosted by another RA in your building.


  • ALL BIKES MUST BE REMOVED FROM BIKE RACKS BY the Tuesday after graduation each year. Bike can be put back on the following Monday.
  • Please store your bike in your on-campus room (summer residents), office (staff/faculty) or take it home during through that time period. You can also attach a clearly labeled note on the bike stating that it is in use.
  • All bikes on racks will be cut and impounded if not removed by deadline. Bikes that are cut will be donated to the Green Bike Program. Facilities will not be responsible for releasing bikes back to owners. You must contact the Green Bike Program when the fall semester begins


  • All residence hall kitchens and refrigerators will be emptied by ResLife staff starting at noon on closing day.
  • Please remove all your food from the kitchens before closing.
  • If you are a summer resident, please clearly label your food with your name, date, and that you are a summer resident.? ResLife will then know not to remove your food.
    1. Attend your Residence Hall closing meeting. Your RA will also have a bulletin board with closing information posted.
    2. Each room will be provided with a closing checklist/to-do list. Students are encouraged to review the checklist, ensuring that the form is posted on the outside of the door when the last person in the room leaves. The checklist will be distributed by the RA staff during their hall closing meeting.
    3. Remove your belongings and clean your room prior to your self-checkout.
    4. Turn in your (clean or dirty) green to-go containers and re-usable cups to McConnell Dining Hall! ?Simply have the cashier deposit the item back to your student ID card, and you may check out a clean one upon your return in the fall.?Any dirty to-go containers will be removed from your room and you will be charged a $10 removal fee.
    5. Also, please return any other items that belong to McConnell Dining Hall such as plates, cups, salt and pepper shakers, etc. No questions asked!
    6. Remove your belongings and clean your room prior to leaving. Personal furniture or belongings left behind will result furniture remove or trash fines.
    7. Residents do not need to return ID cards.
    8. Dispose of your trash in the dumpsters.?Do not dispose of trash in the residence hall public areas.? Fines will be assessed for trash not removed from your room and/or trash found in areas other than the dumpster.
    9. PAS/WES residents: If you leave things on the bench outside your suite after closing the rooms/suite nearest to the bench will be charged a trash fee.? If you leave things outside for others to take, you must ensure that the bench area is completely clear before you checkout.
    10. Lock your windows, close your blinds, and lock your dutch doors (if you live in PAS or WE hall).
    11. Turn off all lights in your room and bathroom.
    12. MEAD RESIDENTS ONLY: Return your room/suite key(s) to the Residence Life Office, C300, when you’re ready to leave. Failure to return keys will result in a re-key charge of up to $175.00.
  • Pitzer Service Road Access

    THE BOLLARDS ON THE PITZER SERVICE ROAD (the poles that block the road) will be opened/closed at the following times during move out:

    Spring 2022
    a. Friday, May 6 – Friday, May 13: 9:00am – 9:00pm
    b. Saturday, May 14: 2pm-9pm
    *Pitzer Road is completely closed on Saturday morning due to Commencement Events
    c. Sunday, May 15: 9am-1pm

  • Donate to Re-Room

    Contact sustainability@pitzer.edu or visit ReRoom on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/reroomatpitzercollege.

  • Appealing Fines

    ? If you feel you have been unfairly charged for damages to your room or suite you may appeal the charges online at https://parking.formstack.com/forms/housing_charges_appeal no later than the end of June each year.
    ? Any appeal received AFTER the deadline will not be considered.