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Strive 2 Thrive is a Pitzer College health and wellness campaign to focus on awareness, education, and support by engaging students in the ongoing conversation of self-care, wellness, stress management and other important topics to empower students to take care of themselves in proactive, meaningful ways.

Fall 2021 Wellness Wednesday: Check back weekly for resources shared at Wellness Wednesday!

9/1/2021: Wellness Wednesday Kickoff Event! -come see us on the Mounds!

9/8/2021: Return to Campus Life – Adjusting to College

9/15/2021: Finding the Joy!- Finding the Joy!

9/22/2021: Fall Semester Self-Care

9/29/2021: Time Management and Study Skills

10/6/2021: World Mental Health Day (10/9)

10/13/2021: Fall Break Wellness

10/20/2021: Health Resources- Title IX

10/27/2021: Sleep Hygiene

11/3/2021: Building Community

11/10/2021: Mindful Breathing

11/17/2021: Gratitude

11/24/2021: No Wellness Wednesday -Have a great break!

12/1/2021: Winter Break and Finals Wellness

The eight dimensions of wellness wheel
The 8 Dimensions of Wellness include: Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical, Environmental, Occupational, Social and Financial.


Emotional resilience or “bounce back”, stress reduction, sleep hygiene, mindfulness, social support, acceptance and forgiveness. Having a strong sense of self so that you can practice self-compassion through a wide range of emotions while coping effectively with life and building healthy relationships.

Off-campus support:

On-campus support:


Individual values and belief system leading to meaning, purpose and a thriving quality of life. Attending to your sense of meaning and purpose in life.

Off-campus support:

On-campus support:


Nourishing your physical body through movement, healthy habits and mindfulness. Recognizing your need for nourishing foods, sleep, preventing injury and illness as well as managing chronic health conditions.

Off-campus support:

On-campus support:


Being mindful of your impact on the environment. Holding awareness of the interactions between the community, environment and yourself and behaving in ways that care for each of these areas responsibly.

Off-campus support:

On-campus support:


Prepare for work through achieving personal satisfaction and enrichment in your life. Seeking a career that is meaningful, enjoyable, interesting and contributes to the larger society.

Off-campus support:

On-campus support:



Managing your resources and seeking satisfaction with financial situations. Living within your means and managing your finances both in the short term and long term.

Off-campus support:

On-campus support:

Visit the On-Campus and Community Resources page for additional health & wellness resources